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  • Visiting Artists: Check the CMSA Gig Guide for Artists
  • October Pt Pirie Music Festival.
  • Old Style Dancing
  • Hall Hire: $70 for Visiting Artists, Shows etc.
  • TV Advertising $40 to advertise show, $40 if
    show is cancelled to advertise a cancelleation.
OLD STYLE DANCE: look on "Contact Us" page
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outback windmill
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Line Dancing  6-8 pm Wednesdays at the N.C.M.A
Hall, 28 Afford Road. $5
contact Liz 86321884
JULY 2014
Gary Daniel and Johnny
Coming up at N.C.M.A.                              
26th October   2014:  Don Costa;
November 9th 2014: Johnny Lovett
16th November: Heartbeat Concert