Coming Events

  OCTOBER 12TH -15TH PORT PIRIE COUNTRY MUSIC FESTIVAL.                                                   Weekend Ticket $80 available Thursday night, otherwise pay at the door.

Thurs 12th NCMA Club: Opening Concert, 7.30 pm:   Dwayne Elix, Gary Daniel, Cactus Martens $12/$10

 Fri 13th NCMA Club: Golden Oldies 1.30-3.30pm:  Gary Daniel, Jeff Cook, Dwayne Elix $5

Fri 13th NCMA Club 7.30 pm “Love that Country Music”   Wayne Horsburgh, Bob Howe and Greg Hooper. $22/20  (not included in weekend ticket)

 Sat 14th NCMA Club 9.30 am-11 am Poets’ Corner: Jeff Cook and others

 Sat 14th Port Football and Community Club  1.30-4.30 pm:                                                                   Samantha Bellamy& Ray Pratley; Laura Downing $22/20      

  Sat 14th  Port Football and Community Club  7.30 pm Pete Smith, Derani Sanders $22/$20

Sun 15th  Port Football and Community Club  10 -11.30 am Gospel Show :  Wayne Horsburgh,      Bill Bedford, Gary Daniel. Derani Saunders $12/$10

Sun  15th Port Football and Community Club  1.30-4.30 pm  Sharon Heaslip, John Lecner. $22/$20

 Sun 15th NCMA Club  meals 5pm, Music 6 – 9pm Wind Down  Makin’ Tracks  $15 for show and meal ( 1/4 chicken and salad, fruit salad and ice cream) $5 show only


Mon 16th “Love that Country Music” Wayne Horsburgh , Bob Howe and Greg Hooper. Moonta Town Hall 8 pm. $22 and $20



     Mon 6th Moonta Town Hall 8 pm Col Millington $12/$10

Wed 8th NCMA Pt Pirie Morning Melodies with Col Millington $12/$10

Mon 27th Moonta Town Hall 8 pm Reg Poole and Owen Blundell  $20/$18

Tues 28th NCMA Pt Pirie 1.30-4.30 Reg Poole and Owen Blundell $20/$18


     JANUARY 2018

Sun 7th NCMA Pt Pirie The Sherrahs

    FEBRUARY 2018

Sun 4th Pt Pirie and Mon 5th  Moonta – Paul Costa

 MARCH 2018

Sun 18th NCMA Pt Pirie The Steve Bartel Band

  APRIL 2018

Sun 8th NCMA Birthday – Tom and Patsy Routledge

Mon 30th Moonta Town Hall “The Hoffmans”  7.30 pm

MAY 2018

Tues 1st NCMA Pt Pirie “The Hoffmans”   1.30 pm